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Euro Shorts

Published weekly every Friday, Euro Shorts is a short briefing on some of the week’s developments in the European financial services industry.

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Previous Issues

  1. ICOs and Crypto Bites: a series of short podcasts by Cummings Law.Posted: 2018-03-14 23:06:33 By: "Claire Cummings"

  2. Euro Shorts 09.03.18 including FCA update on LEIs under MiFID II and FCA speech on MiFID II implementatioPosted: 2018-03-09 By: "Claire Cummings"

  3. Euro Shorts 02.03.18 including GDPR and data protection reformPosted: 2018-03-02 By: "Claire Cummings"

  4. Euro Shorts 23.02.18 including BCBS sets out sound practices on implications of FinTech for banks and bank supervisorsPosted: 2018-02-23 By: "Claire Cummings"

  5. Euro Shorts 16.02.18 including Events and intragroup exemptions from margin – EU/CFTC equivalencePosted: 2018-02-16 By: "Claire Cummings"

  6. Euro Shorts 09.02.18 including events and FCA and ICO Joint Update on GDPRPosted: 2018-02-09 By: "Claire Cummings"

  7. Euro Shorts 02.02.18 including feedback request on proposed reforms to the European financial supervisionPosted: 2018-02-02 By: "Claire Cummings"

  8. Euro Shorts 26.01.18 including ESMA Updates MiFID II TTC Calculations for Equities and BondsPosted: 2018-01-26 By: "Claire Cummings"

  9. Euro Shorts 12.01.18 including New FCA transaction reporting instrument reference data errors and omissions formPosted: 2018-01-12 By: "Claire Cummings"

  10. Euro Shorts 05.01.18Posted: 2018-01-05 By: "Claire Cummings"

  11. Euro Shorts 15.12.17 including MiFID II: ESMA update on MiFiD II registersPosted: 2017-12-15 By: "Claire Cummings"

  12. Euro Shorts 08.12.17 including MiFID II: EC Implementing Decision recognising US trading venuesPosted: 2017-12-08 By: "Claire Cummings"